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App Leads

Introducing’s app leads generation tool allows you to search through mobile apps and generate targeted leads for their developers. We idenfity key attributes like app category, downloads, ratings and more to help you filter relevant apps for your business. - Identify Technologies on Mobile App

Search an App

You can search for Apps by name in the top navigation search bar.

Click on a search result in the dropdown menu to open the app details directly.

Search an App

Filter App Leads

Filter App Leads

The leads module has filters on the left and app lists on the right.

You can combine criteria across SDK, App, and Developer categories with many detailed options to get your prospected lead lists.

Multiple filters shows results meeting every criteria, while multiple values in one filter shows results meeting any of those values.

So multiple filters narrow results, while multiple values in one filter broadens results.

You can adjust the fields and order of the list view by clicking the button in the top right corner.

Get oversea leads quickly

Fork has some built-in filters that help you quickly get overseas lead lists from dimensions such as geography, industry, and categories. This allows you to locate different niche markets. You can also make customed changes based on your needs.

Oversea Leads