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Data Unlock

Lead Details

Fork collects and analyzes App data to help you better assess lead value, including: basic App store information, estimated downloads, SDK Integration details, emails and social media of publishers.

Lead Details

Unlock a Lead

You need to unlock App lead to get full access to the data.

Basic AccessFull Access
SDK Details Not availabel Available
Publisher emails Not availabel Available
Export App Not availabel Available

How to unlock App Lead?

You can unlock an app lead’s full information in many ways:

  • 1. View full email: Click the unlock icon next to the email in the Lead List or App Detail page.

  • 2. View SDK details: Click the unlock button in the SDK section of the App Detail page.

  • 3. Export: Data is automatically unlocked when exporting.

Unlocking a lead one time gives you unlimited access to that data durin the validity period. So by unlocking once, you can view the email, SDK details, and export data as many times as needed without having to unlock again.

How long does unlocked data remain valid?

Unlocked data is valid for 1 year starting from the unlock date. After expiration, you need to unlock again to obtain full access.