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What are Fork credits?

Fork credits are a system of currency at Fork.

You can use credits to unlock App Lead now. 1 credit = 1 App lead.

Where can I check my credits?

You can check your credits in the Manage Plan page.


When can I get credits and how long are they valid?

Since your plan renews automatically, your monthly or annual credits are issued automatically and valid for the same duration as the subscription.

What if I don’t use all my credits?

Any unused credits will expire at the end of each billing cycle. They do not roll over or accumulate into the next cycle.

How to get more credits?

  • 1. Ugrade your plan: The Free plan includes 5 free credits per month, the Pro Monthly plan includes 100 free credits per month, and the Pro Annual plan includes 1200 free credits upfront for the year.

  • 2. Add credit packages.

What is credit package?

You can add additional credit packages to your current plan.

We currently offer the following credit packages:


Contact us if you need to add credit packages.