Fork Unveiled 1700+ Technology Data to Drive Business for Tech Companies

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Fork, an AI-driven data platform that tracks technologies used by apps on Google Play and App Store, has unveiled a database of 1,778 technologies across 66 categories to drive business for technology companies. Analyzing the technology stack behind a product can provide technology companies with more comprehensive technographics and help technology companies better understand target customers.

Fork Technologies

Get Insights into Specific Market

Let’s take a closer look at one specific market, take Real-time Audio and Video for example.

Fork provides a detailed list of apps using this kind of technology with publisher emails included, giving business the ability to generate prospected sales leads.

Apps Using Realtime Audio and Video SDK

Furthermore, Fork offers a market share analysis of Real-time Audio and Video technologies, providing business with information on the top technologies in this category.

Real-time Audio and Video Market Share

Additionally, Fork offers information on other related Audio and Video technologies, providing a comprehensive view of the broader market.

Look into Specific Technology

Let’s explore one specific technology, take 100ms Audio and Video Communication for example.

Fork provides a list of apps using this technology, allowing business to identify potential leads and gain insights into the market. For instance, there are 35,606 apps in the U.S. that currently use 100ms Audio and Video Communication, with 35,053 of them being active. This presents a significant opportunity for business looking to target this specific segment of the market.

Apps Using 100ms Audio and Video SDK

Fork also offers an analysis of the countries and app categories using 100ms Audio and Video Communication. This information allows business to better understand the reach and scope of this technology, as well as its potential applications in various industries.

100ms Audio and Video SDK Category Breakdown

Additionally, Fork provides alternatives to 100ms Audio and Video Communication, allowing business to track competitors or find potential partners.

Drive Business with Fork

Technology companies usually have to spend a lot of time analyzing business because they do not have the technology data to deeply understand the real needs of customers and conduct effective competitor analysis. However, with the ability provided by Fork to identify technologies used by apps, companies can boost sales and conduct market analysis more effectively, and therefore drive business rapidly.

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