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Apps using Route Navigation

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App Installs Publisher Publisher Email Publisher Social Publisher Website
80K Truescend Lab ***** -
2K egmontr ***** -
743 Genius Objects *****
linkedin facebook twitter
109 Handheld Culture Limited *****

Full list contains 152 apps using Route Navigation in the U.S, of which 114 are currently active and 47 have been updated over the past year, with publisher contacts included.

List updated on 5th April 2024

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Market share of Route Navigation

Top Route Navigation technologies based on market share in U.S in 2024.

SDK Apps Integrated Provider
48 高德软件有限公司
44 Pathsense
29 北京百度网讯科技有限公司
25 北京百度网讯科技有限公司
5 MapQuest Holdings LLC
1 华为软件技术有限公司

Full list contains 7 Route Navigation technologies used by 152 apps in the U.S.

List updated on 5th April 2024

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