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Why Technographics?

In the era of AI explosion, building an Internet product has never been easier. Whether a website or an application, AI-assisted programming can speed up the construction process and reduce the error rate in building products; it can even be fully automated based on large AI models.

As the physical cornerstone of AI, cloud services that provide infrastructure services also offer convenient services to rapid hosting and scaling for all types of Internet applications. In other words, whether it is a website or a mobile application, the basic module of an Internet product consists of code blocks and other online services (cloud services).

Therefore, analyzing the technology stack behind a product can provide technology providers with more comprehensive technographics and help technology providers better understand target customers.

Introducing the Scaling GTM Data Platform for your Technology Product.

With the proliferation of various Internet products and the comprehensive development of the technology services behind them to achieve commercial success in the AI and cloud era, this method of mining business clues through technology stack analysis has evolved from nice-to-have become a critical technology that determines business success or failure.

By identifying the technology stack integrated behind mobile applications, has built a complete technology services partnership knowledge graph, which contains comprehensive portrait information of mobile applications and related partners: App, Publisher, Technology Stack, and Technology Provider.

Lead Generation

By describing a complete customer profile of a mobile application and its developers, you(technology providers) can accurately find target customers that match your commercialization direction of products and teams.

Sales Prospecting

By understanding the procurement needs and their budget, your team can reasonably prioritize the customer pipeline.

Use intelligent performance, popularity, and audience metrics to identify the right app publishers for your SDK and get direct emails for key contacts.

Competitor Research

By understanding the customer structure of competitors, you can better understand the position of your products in the market, helping your team compete better or avoid unnecessary competition.

Partnership Discovery

You can even understand the customer distribution of partners through the data provided by, further strengthen customer cooperation between partners, and simultaneously expand the customer base of yourself and your partners.

We designed to be the Ideal Customer Profile(ICP) Scaling System.

Universal search across App Store & Google Play, Apps and its Publishers, get the perfect and complete match for your target.

App Leads Search

Filter with Precision

Precisely filter with rich fields from SDK, App, and its Publisher, and get total control of your Ideal Customer Profile’s metrics.

App Leads Filter

Powerful Analysis

Analyze any technology SDK from any industry and get customers from your competitors or partners.

App Leads Analysis

App Intelligence

Get to know your customers by in-depth technology SDK integration analysis. Build a better competitive strategy by analyzing competitors’ customer distribution and performance trends.

App Intelligence

Easy Data Access to Drive More Revenue

As a SaaS platform with a modern design and robust access, we also provide many ways to access and integrate our data.

App Leads Export

Customer Love

We’ve worked with a lot of customers from many different areas. We’ve never built a product like this without problems that resonate with our customers so deeply.

Fork’s SaaS has exclusive and complete SDK data and application data. Based on more comprehensive lead signal data, we have achieved vertical business monitoring and insights, and improved our overseas team’s market strategies.

Daniel, Marketing Manager at AWS

Using Fork API to obtain competitive and business information, we can easily improve the customer’s demand profiling, and enable the marketing and sales team to get leads quickly and follow up purposefully.

Mike Johnson, CTO at CloudNine

About is a leading platform specializing in lead generation for Cloud and SaaS companies. Our comprehensive suite of tools includes unlimited lead generation and market research capabilities. One of our unique features is the ability to detect SDKs and analyze distinctive buying signals, setting our tool apart in the industry.

Supported by thousands of sales and marketing professionals within enterprise-level cloud and SaaS companies, our platform is specifically tailored to support their lead generation and market research needs, offering unlimited capabilities in generating high-quality leads and conducting in-depth market analysis. Our unique feature of detecting software development kits (SDKs) and analyzing distinctive buying signals sets us apart in the industry, providing our customers with valuable insights into their target market.

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